After years of experience transporting waste, we saw that transporting it directly to the landfill site had an excessively large environmental impact. For this reason, we created our own transfer and recycling plant at Centre de Triatge Barcelona, where we separate and reuse all the waste possible. We carry out this work from a strategic geographic position and with the guarantee of the official certifications necessary for correct waste management.

Sector Types

As well as the largest fraction, stone, at Centre de Triatge Barcelona, we also reuse other types of waste, such as cardboard, paper, wood, some types of plastic, different metals, etc. The smallest part of the total waste, the non-reusable waste, is transported to authorized landfill sites. We are involved in minimizing the environmental impact of waste.

If you require information on the best solution for any type of waste and its treatment, contact us. We will be happy to deal with your query.

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