The Transfer and Recycling center at Centre de Triatge Barcelona was the first center of its kind in the municipality of Barcelona. We are in the Zona Franca industrial estate, which is a strategic location for waste from the metropolitan area. From there, we provide our clients with the appropriate management of waste, guaranteeing all our activity through strict compliance with official standards and certifications.


Our waste-management activity is authorized by the Catalan Government under management code
E 790.02 and our commitment to the environment has led us to certify our environmental management system with the ISO 14001 standard, through the certification company DNV.

A Privileged Strategic Location

Centre de Triatge Barcelona is in a strategic geographic location, in the Barcelona Zona Franca industrial estate. This is an essential communication point for Barcelona and its metropolitan area, which makes it easier to reduce the environmental impact of transporting waste to our transfer and recycling plant.

Centre de Triatge Barcelona, S.A.
Polígono Industrial Zona Franca,
carrer D, sector B, 60
08040 Barcelona
Tel. +34 902 570 084 / + 34 931 293 082